Why aren't my daylilies blooming?

Why aren't my daylilies blooming?

Various causes can be possible

It often happens that the daylily does not bloom in the first year of standing. But some gardeners also complain about missing flowers in the second year or later. What can be the causes? The causes can be different. If you have planted your daylily yourself and know it well, you should be able to find out the cause quickly.

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The most common causes of missing flowers

Here are the most common causes of daylilies failing to flower:

  • too shady location
  • too few nutrients
  • Pest infestation (daylily gall mosquito)
  • old age of the perennial
  • recent transplanting
  • planting or sowing too late
  • too dense planting
  • prolonged drought
  • late flowering variety is in a rough position

Solving the problem - prevention and aftercare

In order to maintain a blooming daylily, the location and method of planting play a fundamental role. Daylilies need a sunny spot and should be planted in spring (sowing between March and April). A minimum distance of 40 cm to other plants when planting is important.

Daylilies from the 2nd year of growth should be provided with fertilizer by June at the latest. This is especially true if they were planted in a very sandy (nutrient-poor) soil. In addition, a regular supply of water is crucial until flowering. From the 3rd year it is recommended to rejuvenate or divide the plant.

If you notice thickened buds, take a close look at them. The daylily gall mosquito may have laid its eggs there. The freshly hatched larvae will eat the buds and the flower will not bloom ... The thickened buds should be removed and disposed of immediately.

Tips & Tricks

Often there are little things why daylilies don't bloom. Don't throw the gun in the grain, just be patient. Maybe it will take until August for the flowers to appear or the daylily will have time until next summer?