Planting peanuts in the garden - how to grow them!

Planting peanuts in the garden - how to grow them!

Peanuts need a lot of warmth

In order for peanuts to germinate and later develop new fruits in the garden, they need a constant soil temperature that must not drop below 18 degrees.

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It takes between three and four months for the peanuts to ripen.

If you don't have a greenhouse, prefer the plants indoors.

How to sow peanuts

  • Fill the pot with garden soil
  • Laying out seeds
  • Cover with earth
  • Set up in a warm location

In theory, you can use any peanut kernel that has not been roasted or treated in any other way as seeds.

However, it is better to get seeds from specialist shops. There you can also get robust varieties that can cope better with cooler temperatures.

Bring the peanut plants indoors from March. Otherwise, the fruits may not ripen in time for the onset of frost.

Grow peanuts outdoors

As soon as the soil in the garden has warmed up to at least 18 degrees and no more frosts are to be expected, you can plant the peanuts outdoors.

Good, nutritious garden soil is sufficient. The location must not be too damp. Loosen up the soil around the plant so that the inflorescences can anchor themselves well in the ground. The fruits then form there.

Water the plants sparingly during the growing season. Every two to four weeks, give some vegetable fertilizer (€ 26.15 on Amazon *) to strengthen the peanut plants.

Harvest from September

The peanuts are ripe when the herb has turned yellow. Pull the whole plant out of the ground.

Before roasting the peanuts or using them for cooking, let them dry on the plant for a while.

Tips & Tricks

You can also grow peanuts without removing the hard shell first. But then the germination process takes longer. However, you must not remove the brown skin around the kernels because the peanut may not sprout.