Does a swing have to be set in concrete?

Does a swing have to be set in concrete?

Metal swing frames (€ 419.95 at Amazon *) are mostly very light. Setting in concrete is particularly useful here. A wooden swing made from robinia, for example, has a significantly higher weight, but here too you should play it safe and at least anchor the frame.

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What do I have to consider when setting in concrete?

There are no special rules for setting up a swing in your own garden. In the interests of good neighborliness, however, you should not necessarily place playground equipment right next to the garden fence. Nobody would like to be watched by neighbors swinging children in their own garden. When buying the device, look for a TÜV test seal.

If you are renting a place, ask your landlord whether he or she agrees to have a swing set in concrete. This may already be considered a structural measure. A swing set in concrete is also no longer so easy to move.

Setting in concrete step by step

First find a suitable place for the swing. It should be as level as possible and really big enough to swing. Ideally, the surface is soft enough that your children cannot injure themselves in the event of a fall. Place the assembled swing frame in the desired location for testing. Mark the base of the posts with fine sand or flour.

In order to dig the necessary holes, you will have to put the rack aside again. The holes should be at least 50 cm deep and about 15 cm larger than the diameter of the posts. A little gravel in the hole ensures better drainage of rainwater. Then add the mixed concrete according to the instructions and place the swing frame in the damp concrete.

The frame should stand at least 10 cm deep in the concrete, even better 20 cm. You may first pour a small amount of concrete into the holes and let it dry before you put the swing frame in it and fill it with the remaining concrete. But make sure that the swing is balanced at the end. The swing can only be used when the concrete is completely dry.

The essentials in brief:

  • Ask the landlord at rental property
  • only buy a tested swing frame
  • Set up the swing on as level a floor as possible
  • necessarily set up according to the instructions
  • Provide fall protection on hard ground
  • Suitable fall protection: bark mulch, sand, lawn or fall protection mats
  • Check the swing frame and ropes for winter and play damage in spring


A swing set in concrete usually withstands even intense rocking. Nevertheless, you should regularly check the frame, including screws and ropes.