Column cypress is only partially hardy

Column cypress is only partially hardy

Column cypress only hardy to a few minus degrees

However, the temperature information only applies to tree nursery goods grown under local conditions, not to trees brought from the Italy holiday or otherwise imported. These do not even tolerate a few minus degrees and only for a short time! For this reason, it is advisable to only plant column cypresses in climatically mild regions (such as a vineyard region) or to keep the tree in a sufficiently large tub. Then, however, regular pruning is essential, after all, columnar cypress trees can reach heights of 20 meters and more.

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Plant column cypresses in a protected location

If you decide to plant the column cypress, you should put it in a sheltered place - a sunny and warm location without drafts increases the resistance to cold even more. In this case, “protected” means that the tree should stand in front of a house wall and, in particular, must be protected from cold east winds. In addition, only older column cypresses should be planted, as younger specimens are much more sensitive - these are better to be cultivated in pots for the first few years and to be wintered frost-free, but cool and light.

Correct wintering of a columnar cypress

Column cypresses in the pot overwinter as lightly as possible at a maximum of five degrees Celsius - the evergreen tree does not tolerate frost, but still needs a winter break. Planted specimens are best packed in a special gardening fleece or in jute sacks - the material should not only be permeable to air, but also to light. After all, it is an evergreen plant that needs light even during the winter break. A lightless or light-poor packaging should therefore only be used for a very short time - for example during a period of severe frost - but should then be removed again immediately. Please also do not wrap the conifer in plastic film or the like, as the humidity rises too much underneath and fungal diseases are promoted.


Instead of taking the risk with a column cypress that is not hardy enough, you can instead plant conifers that are visually similar, but much more robust. These include Leyland cypresses, columnar yew, thuja, false cypresses or other cypresses such as the very hardy Arizona cypress.