Settling frogs in the garden - this is how it works

Settling frogs in the garden - this is how it works

Fish pond deter frogs - tips for the ideal frog pond

All efforts to create a frog-friendly garden will come to nothing if there are fish in the pond. Goldfish or koi like frog spawn and tadpoles to eat, so you will be on the lookout for adult pond frogs in vain. This requirement applies to normal-sized garden ponds. Only when the water has the size of a pond do fish and frogs live side by side in harmony. In addition, a frog pond should have these components:

  • Pond depth of at least 60 cm
  • Shore zone with flat vegetation as an entrance and exit for shore excursions
  • Plant with large-leaved aquatic plants such as water lilies
  • No fountains or water features that cause choppy water
  • Consistent avoidance of pesticides of any kind or mineral fertilizers

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If a snake appears at the pond, like the grass snake, this is no cause for alarm. While water snakes prey on frogs, they do not harm a healthy population.

That's part of the frog-friendly garden - safety is the key

A frog-friendly garden should not be accessible to cats. A single house tiger or outdoor tiger is enough to destroy an entire population of young amphibians when they hop around in the garden. Close-meshed networks and daily patrols ensure that cellar stairs and ventilation shafts do not become deadly traps for frogs.

So that the lawnmower does not chop up the little bounces, please search the green area carefully before each mowing. You can also set the maximum cutting height. If you create a flower meadow as a substitute for lawn, your frogs will be completely happy. In general, the gentle animals want a natural garden that also offers hiding places outside the water, such as piles of leaves, dry stone walls for sunbathing or a rotten tree trunk.


Snails are high on the frog menu. Fighting slugs with poisonous slug pellets (€ 16.78 at Amazon *) is therefore taboo in the frog-friendly garden. If a poisoned snail is devoured by a frog, this is its inevitable death sentence.