Can I propagate my Easter cactus?

Can I propagate my Easter cactus?

Is sowing recommended for the Easter cactus?

You can certainly grow Easter cacti from seeds. You can find these seeds on the market, but they are difficult to get from your own plants. For the cultivation you also need a vessel with a cactus substrate and a mini greenhouse or transparent foil. The seeds germinate after about three weeks on the moist substrate.

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There should be high humidity and temperatures of over 20 ° C. You can achieve both with a mini greenhouse or by stretching transparent film over the container. Keep the substrate evenly moist and ventilate daily for a short time. If the seedlings are around two to three centimeters in size, they can slowly be accustomed to a normal room climate.

How do I cut cuttings from the Easter cactus?

Cut the cuttings from your Easter cactus carefully and only with a clean and sharp knife. This will prevent the transmission of plant diseases and injuries caused by crushing. Your cuttings should be about 10 to 15 cm long, with at least two, better three links. Make sure that you only cut cuttings from healthy shoots. However, you can also use broken cactus limbs.

How do I care for the cuttings?

The cuttings may dry out slightly, but can also be put into the substrate immediately. Special cactus substrate is just as suitable as a mixture of two thirds of potting soil and one third of sand. Keep the substrate well moist, but avoid getting wet to prevent mold and rot. In a bright, warm place, the first new cactus limbs will appear after about four to six weeks.

The essentials in brief:

  • Sowing possible
  • high humidity
  • Cuttings about 10 cm long
  • at least two cactus limbs
  • let it dry slightly if necessary
  • in cactus substrate or 2: 1 potting soil with sand
  • place light and warm
  • keep moist, but not wet


If you already have an Easter cactus, we recommend propagating it with cuttings. That is quite simple and promising.