Japanese peony: how does it reproduce?

Japanese peony: how does it reproduce?

Finishing - how does it work?

As a rule, Japanese peonies are refined specimens. In order to get another plant with the same characteristics, it is necessary to use the method of grafting. For this you need a base like the mother plant and a branch of the plant. The shoot is grafted onto the base or roots of another shrub peony.

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Seeds for propagation

Those who do not attach great importance to identical properties can also propagate their Japanese peony with seeds. However, this is quite a long process.

This is how sowing works:

1. Expose seeds to a cold period of several weeks (e.g. in the refrigerator).

2. Sow seeds 1 cm deep in potting soil.

3. Keep the substrate moist.

4. Put in a warm place.

5. Plant out in a suitable location from a size of 10 cm.

Division in autumn

Many Japanese peonies are perennials. You can recognize this by the fact that they are between 50 and 60 cm tall and retreat into the ground in autumn each year. If you have a Japanese Peony that grows as a perennial, propagating it is child's play!

Between October and November is the ideal time to share the perennial. After pruning, dig up the perennial and clean the root area so that you can see the buds clearly.

Now divide the root piece into as many parts as you need. You can use a knife or a spade to do this. It is important that each section has at least 3 buds. Then just plant, water and you're done!


It can take several years for the newly propagated specimens to flower for the first time. Make sure you take this into account.