Freeze turmeric

Freeze turmeric

Turmeric in the supermarket

Turmeric is available in ground and fresh form in supermarkets or health food stores. It is offered under the following names:

  • Turmeric
  • Tumeric
  • Turmeric
  • Indian saffron
  • Yellow ginger

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Freshness test for turmeric root

If you would like to process fresh turmeric, you must make sure that the goods are fresh and of high quality. You can

find out with simple means. The smell of the fresh root has a sharp note. The root must feel juicy and not be lignified or wrinkled. Moist spots on the root skin indicate the onset of rot. If you cut through the root, the inside is a bright yellow-orange color.

Store and keep turmeric

Store turmeric powder in a well-sealed container, preferably in a glass with a screw cap, in your spice cabinet. There the product is not stored too warm, it is dry and dark. Turmeric powder has a relatively long shelf life.

The fresh root, however, is sensitive and would very quickly become dry and fibrous when stored at room temperature. Therefore, you should either store turmeric in the refrigerator or freeze it in the freezer.

Storage in the refrigerator

Wrap the roots airtight in aluminum foil and place them in the dry vegetable compartment. It can also be wrapped in kitchen paper and stored in a small can or in a freezer bag in the vegetable compartment. Here it stays fresh for a while. If the turmeric root is stored in the refrigerator for too long, it has a mustard-like taste.

Storage in the freezer

If you use turmeric root regularly, you can store a small supply of the root in the freezer. It is possible to freeze the root for about three months. To do this, pack the fresh, clean roots in freezer bags and try to extract as much air as possible. It is easier to vacuum seal the bags. Don't forget to put the freeze date on the bag. Also, keep in mind that the turmeric root will lose some of its healing properties when frozen.

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