What is the best height for the raised bed?

What is the best height for the raised bed?

Body size determines the height of the raised bed

The most important measure for calculating the bed height is your height. Most finished raised beds are between 90 and 100 centimeters high, making them ideal for people who are between 160 and 180 centimeters tall. The recommended bed height for people who are 160 centimeters tall is 85 to 90 centimeters, for people who are 170 centimeters tall it is 90 to 95 centimeters and so on. The second important measurement is your individual arm length. As a rule, provided you keep your back straight, you can only reach about 60 to 70 centimeters. As a result, a raised bed that can be reached from both sides should only be between 120 to 140 centimeters wide. If, on the other hand, the bed leans against a building or the like, it should not be deeper than 75 centimeters, including the edge, for easier processing.

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Raised beds with a seating edge can be lower

Some people prefer to work on their raised bed while sitting. In this case, you should try which height suits you best. A height of at least 50 centimeters should be given, otherwise you will find it difficult to get up. A wide, level edge for comfortable sitting is also an important prerequisite for pleasant work. Incidentally, such a half-height bed is also highly recommended for children who can work on it while standing.

Pay attention to the choice of plants

However, it is not only body size and arm length that determine the optimal raised bed height - but also the planned type of planting. Raised beds with a normal or half-height are particularly suitable for low-growing crops. On the other hand, it is better to cultivate tall plants such as stake tomatoes in a raised bed no more than 50 centimeters high - better still lower. When choosing a raised bed and planting, note the probable height of the latter, otherwise you will have to use the ladder to do the harvest later.

How long should the bed be?

The ideal length of the bed depends on the construction of the frame (and its stability), but also on your need for growing space. However, before you have to make long walks around a long flower bed, it is better to set up several short flower beds. In addition, a ratio of width to length of 1: 2 to 1: 4 looks much more harmonious and therefore more appealing.


When planning the raised bed, don't forget the accessibility: a path around 80 centimeters wide around the bed is comfortable and allows the use of a wheelbarrow.