The dill flower - appearance and use

The dill flower - appearance and use

Recognize the dill by its flowers

The dill originally comes from the Middle East and is rarely found in nature in wild form in Europe. From May or June and into August, the plant can be identified relatively clearly by its conspicuous flower umbels. The flowers are formed depending on the variety and location at a height of about one meter above the ground and consist of about 15 to 25 small bulbs, which in turn are composed of about 15 to 25 individual flowers. Typical characteristics for a profile of the dill flowers are:

  • the 15 to 30-rayed double umbels
  • the sun-yellow color of the flowers
  • the petalless inflorescences

The use of dill flowers

While dill tips and dill leaves are often used to refine dressings, the main importance of planting and harvesting dill blossoms is in making broth for pickled cucumbers.

Tips & Tricks

Due to the use of dill flowers in the processing and flavor refinement of pickles, dill is often referred to as cucumber herb.