Mint can be processed in so many ways - practical tips

Mint can be processed in so many ways - practical tips

The best tips for culinary use

Mint that is well established in the bed or grown in the house provides the first aromatic leaves from the end of May / beginning of June. Shortly before flowering, the content of valuable ingredients is at its peak. In view of the rapid growth, the question arises as to the tastiest use for the rich harvest. We have some sweet mint temptations for you:

  • finely chopped as an ingredient in chocolate sauce to refine ice cream or cakes
  • Candied in sugar syrup as a refreshing garnish on desserts
  • Put whole shoots of strawberry mint in sparkling water and enjoy chilled
  • Add fresh spearmint to leaf salads and mixed salads
  • Grind the dried leaves of Moroccan mint and use it in Mediterranean cuisine
  • freeze into cubes and add spicy pea soup just before serving

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Hearty dishes such as pork or beef goulash are given the final touch with crushed mint leaves. Replace basil in your next pesto with fresh mint and let yourself be surprised by the result.

Practical tricks for using mint

In addition to its culinary advantages, mint scores with practical attributes. The following tips & tricks make everyday life easier thanks to mint:

  • a hot cup of mint tea instantly soothes the upset stomach
  • Line small bundles with dried mint leaves, annoying mosquitoes in no time
  • if your hands smell strongly after chopping onions, simply rub a few mint leaves between your palms
  • poisonous polei mint in the garden drives wild cats never to be seen again
  • Applied as scattering herb, ants run away from the Polei mint

The Japanese tiger oil mint scores with a particularly high content of essential oils. In medicine it is therefore used effectively in the treatment of colds. Chop fresh leaves, pour hot water over them and inhale deeply.

Tips & Tricks

Need a fresh breath? Then chew a freshly harvested leaf or two of peppermint or spearmint known as spearmint. This will freshen your breath faster than the word 'mouthwash' crosses your lips.