How to create a new bed - tips and tricks

How to create a new bed - tips and tricks

A small bed is created in a short time, a large one takes a little more time. In addition, the chosen plants should match the planned location so that they are satisfied with the result of your work. Plants that love shade burn easily in the sun, whereas sun-loving species rarely or not at all bloom in the shade.

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Proper preparation

If you want to redesign a bed, you probably already have an idea of ​​how it should look. But maybe some questions still arise. If it is already clear which plants should grow in the new bed, then choose the place according to your needs.

The border of the bed

Various materials are available for the design of your bed border. A stone surround is very durable and easy to care for. It doesn't have to be expensive, but is usually quite labor-intensive to manufacture. A bed border made of wood is often easier to build, but less weather-resistant. Alternatively, a bed can also be bordered very well with boxwood or herbs.

The easy-care bed

If you don't have a lot of time or inclination for gardening, then it is best to create an easy-care bed. You can do this, for example, by choosing easy-care plants. Ground cover ensures that hardly any weeds can grow on the bed. Covering the bed with bark mulch brings similar effects.

Step by step to the new garden bed:

  • Determine the bed type: vegetable or flower bed
  • Select and measure a place
  • Mark the bed
  • possibly remove lawn
  • Dig up or loosen up the bed
  • Remove weeds, roots and stones
  • Create the bed border
  • Insert plants
  • water well


The more you think about it in advance, the easier it will be to look after your new garden bed later.