Proper care of the fan palm

Proper care of the fan palm

How is a fan palm properly watered?

A fan palm needs a lot of water during the growing months. Therefore, pour thoroughly. It is essential to avoid waterlogging.

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If the fan palm is cared for in the room, make sure that the humidity is high enough. If necessary, place bowls of water near the plant.

Do fan palms have to be fertilized?

It is fertilized from spring to the end of summer. A good liquid fertilizer is sufficient. You can of course also use a special palm fertilizer.

Depending on the type of fertilizer, fertilization is carried out at weekly or monthly intervals.

How are fan palms cut?

Even if the fan palm gets very high - you must not simply cut it. If you cut the top, the palm will die.

You can cut off brown or yellow fronds before you bring the fan palm into its winter quarters. Do not leave any remnants of the fronds on the trunk, as they form a good breeding ground for pests.

When is repotting called for?

It is always repotted when the pot has become too small. This can be seen from the fact that roots grow out of the drainage hole below or the root ball pushes upwards. Even if the stability of the fan palm is no longer guaranteed, it is time to repot.

Which diseases and pests can occur?

Illnesses almost never occur. Rotten roots or the trunk of the palm are always careless. Most of the time waterlogging due to frequent watering is the cause.

Scale insects are relatively common, but are often recognized very late. If the leaves turn brown or yellow, you should examine the fronds for pests and take remedial action if necessary.

How is the fan palm overwintered?

Fan palms are only partially hardy. They can withstand temperatures down to minus eight degrees for a short time. When overwintering outdoors, the palm heart in particular must be protected.


Fan palms prefer a very bright, sunny location. If the place is too dark, the palm reacts with brown or yellow leaves.