Drying lime blossoms - once in June for the whole year

Drying lime blossoms - once in June for the whole year

When are linden blossoms dried?

It is dried when fresh linden blossoms are available. However, the time window for harvesting the precious flowers is small. The composition of the ingredients is ideal as soon as they have blossomed.

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The blossoming of the linden tree is closely related to the prevailing weather. This can start a few days earlier or later than last year. You should therefore carefully look at the linden tree from the beginning of June.

Blossom and bract suitable for drying

The flower and the light bract are used for drying. Both are firmly connected and are picked as a unit.

A bright summer day that is dry is ideal for harvesting the precious flowers.

A linden tree in a garden is a good source. A linden tree that stands on a busy road is exposed to too many emissions.

Start drying immediately

Do not leave the linden leaves in the collecting container for a long time, drying should start immediately.

  1. Find an airy and sun-protected place for the linden blossoms.
  2. Spread the flowers out on a clean linen cloth.
  3. Turn the flowers over regularly to speed up drying.


If the weather is damp, linden blossoms can also be dried in the oven at around 50 degrees Celsius.

Keep dry linden flowers

The following applies to the storage of dry linden blossoms:

  • when the flowers are completely dry
  • protected from light
  • and max. until the next harvest.

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