Store cauliflower properly for optimal shelf life

Store cauliflower properly for optimal shelf life

Four ways to store cauliflower

Depending on when you want to process the cauliflower and what you want to cook with it, you have different options for storing cauliflower. If the cauliflower can no longer stay on the bed - where it stays fresh and crisp for a long time - you have the following four options for storing the vegetables:

  • keep the cabbage in the refrigerator
  • store the cauliflower heads hanging in the cool cellar
  • Freeze the cauliflower in pieces
  • Put in the cauliflower florets and reduce

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Store cauliflower in the refrigerator

If you want to process the cauliflower in the next few days, you can safely store it in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. To do this, cut the stalk straight off and remove the green cabbage leaves. The fresh, crunchy cauliflower is a pleasure even raw in a salad.

Store cauliflower in the pantry

Do you have a cool storage cellar? Here you can optimally store the freshly harvested cauliflower hanging for about a month. For this it is necessary that you pull the roots of the cabbage out of the earth when harvesting. Then remove the lower leaves and attach a cord to the roots. Now hang the cauliflower heads upside down in a suitable place in the storage cellar.

Store cauliflower in the freezer

Cauliflower can be frozen for several months. For the longest possible shelf life, you should blanch the cauliflower florets before freezing; however, it is also possible to freeze the raw cauliflower. To do this, cut the head of cabbage into wedges or florets, remove all the green and clean the vegetables thoroughly. Freezer bags are suitable for freezing cauliflower as well as plastic boxes.

Once thawed, the vegetables have a soft consistency, but this doesn't matter if you want to cook the cauliflower.

Store cauliflower in jars

When placed in jars, cauliflower is safe for up to a year, depending on how it is prepared. The two most popular variants are boiling in brine and soaking in vinegar. The cauliflower is cleaned, cut into florets and blanched. Then put it together with some spices in sterile mason jars and pour it either with the stock or a vinegar mixture. The cauliflower soaked in brine can be kept for a long time by boiling for about an hour.