Wild wine - regular pruning necessary

Wild wine - regular pruning necessary

Do not let wild wine grow unchecked

Wild grape growing unchecked can cause severe damage to the masonry and roof, which is why you should not only cement any cracks in the wall before planting, but also keep the tendrils away from rain gutters, roof tiles, roller shutter boxes, etc.

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Cut back in late summer

The pruning is best done in late summer or early autumn, although you can proceed quite radically: Wild wine is very pruning and sprouts very reliably in the following spring. However, the adhesive feet, by means of which the wild wine climbs up the wall by itself, can be very stubborn. But they can be easily removed with various chemical agents or with a gas burner.

Cut cuttings

Wild vines can be wonderfully propagated from cuttings that are cut in autumn.

  • Select approximately 15 to 20 centimeters long, more woody shoots.
  • These ideally have three to four eyes.
  • The cut surface should be kept as inclined as possible,
  • so the cutting can more easily absorb water.
  • Mix equal parts compost, potting soil and sand
  • or use commercially available potting soil.
  • Plant the cuttings in there
  • and press it down firmly.
  • Keep the substrate evenly moist
  • and place the growing pots in a bright and warm place,
  • but without direct sunlight.

If possible, the cuttings overwinter in the house and are finally planted on the spot in the following spring. Alternatively, Wilder Wein can also be propagated using sinkers, which simply remain on the mother plant until the roots have taken root.


Incidentally, pruning is not only possible in late summer, but can be done at any time during the entire vegetation period between April and October, depending on the necessity and growth rate. It is important to limit the growth through regular pruning measures to avoid impending damage.