Help - my indoor palm has brown tips!

Help - my indoor palm has brown tips!

The causes of brown leaves in the indoor palm

A disease is not always behind the changed appearance, often care mistakes are to blame for a leaf discoloration. Since there are many different types of indoor palms, some of which require special care, you should already know exactly which palm you have.

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A common cause of brown spots on the leaves is also sunburn. This occurs when you put your palm in the sun for too long or pour water on the leaves in blazing sunshine. Sometimes there is also a fungal disease behind the brown spots.

How to help your indoor palm

If you have watered your indoor palm enough and the soil is not wet, think about the humidity. If this is too low, your indoor palm suffers and becomes dry. Immediately spraying the palm with lime-free water helps here. A massive fungal attack, on the other hand, can only be effectively combated with fungicides (anti-fungal agents).

When the air is dry, it is often infested with pests, because the spider mite loves airy and dry climates. A window sill above the heater offers ideal conditions for propagation. Make sure you set up a humidifier here or spray your plants regularly with lukewarm water that is low in lime.

To avoid sunburn, get your indoor palm used to the spring sun slowly. Avoid the midday sun in the first few days and only water the palm in the shade. At night the palm tree belongs back in the house for the time being. Some species, like the phoenix palm, are allowed to spend the summer in the garden.

The essentials in brief:

  • pour enough
  • ensure high humidity
  • protect from sunburn
  • older leaves turn brown before falling off


If the lower leaves of your indoor palms turn brown, this is rarely a cause for concern. As long as new leaves grow back on top, this is a completely normal process of growth.