Identifying mint species - an overview of the distinguishing features

Identifying mint species - an overview of the distinguishing features

The 5 best types of mint for beds and balconies

Not every herb plant is provided with a name tag. When looking for suitable mint plants for the garden, you can determine the most popular species based on the following characteristics:

  • Peppermint (Mentha x piperita): light purple spike flowers, stalked leaves 3-7 mm long, 50-90 cm tall
  • Green mint - Spearmint (Mentha spicata): pale pink cylinder flowers, opposing, perched leaves, height up to 120 cm
  • Polei mint (Mentha pulegium): hairy, light pink flowers in the leaf axils, oval leaves, height 10-50 cm
  • Water mint (Mentha aquatica): pink spherical flowers, egg-shaped leaves, hairy stems, growth height up to 90 cm

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When it comes to Moroccan mint, Mother Nature went to great lengths to produce an extra aromatic natural hybrid. With a height of up to 50 centimeters, this species remains comparatively small, so that it thrives wonderfully in a pot on the balcony. Here it captivates with tiny bell-shaped blossoms, arranged in the shape of ears.

Great mint varieties for those who like to experiment

If you don't just want to determine the types of mint, but also love the surprise, try the following varieties:

  • Chocolate mint (Mentha x piperita var. Piperita “Chocolate”): reminiscent of the taste of 'After Eight', height 60 cm
  • Strawberry-Mint (Mentha species): offers a fruity experience in fragrance and enjoyment, stature height 50 cm
  • Mojito mint (Mentha species 'Nemorosa'): rich in valuable menthol, 50 cm high
  • Banana mint (Mentha arvensis 'Banana'): a delicate-leaved variety for sweet dishes, 50 cm tall

A variety with wonderful ornamental value comes under the name pineapple mint (Mentha suaveolens 'Variegata'). It not only enchants with a fresh, fruity scent. Its white variegated leaves compete with many ornamental foliage plants in the perennial bed. When dried into bouquets, the pineapple mint will decorate the house for many months.

Tips & Tricks

Prepared as a tea with plenty of sugar, the Moroccan mint serves as the national drink. Well-stocked Moroccan shops therefore sometimes sell the plant as a rooted specimen in a pot. If you want to save yourself sowing, you will receive a ready-made herb plant for bed and balcony.