How to care for your tiger aleo - tips and tricks

How to care for your tiger aleo - tips and tricks

Plant the aloe variegata correctly

It is best to plant your Tiger Alous in cactus soil. Use a little sand to loosen up normal potting soil. Since the Aloe variegata does not tolerate waterlogging, create a drainage layer on the bottom of the pot. This allows excess water to run off immediately.

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With a height of up to 30 centimeters, it does not need a particularly large flower pot and does not have to be repotted often. If you would like to stimulate your tiger aleoe to bloom, give it a dry season followed by a simulation of the rainy season.

Proper watering and fertilizing of the Tiger ao

Like all succulents, the tiger aleo does not need much water because it is used to drought. Let the top layer of soil dry out a little before the next watering, this will not harm the plant. Also, make sure that no water accumulates in the leaf axils, this easily leads to rot. It is better to water the tiger aloe directly at the roots only.

A special cactus fertilizer that you can mix into the irrigation water is suitable for Aloe variegata. So the nutrients are optimally distributed. Only fertilize your tiger aleo every two to weeks during the growing season from April to September.

Is the tiger aleo suitable for hydroponics?

The tiger aleoe can also be kept in hydroponics, but this form of culture is not ideal for this succulent plant. It tolerates drought much better than too much moisture. Therefore never give her so much water that the display shows “ideal”, but rather enough water that the minimum amount of water is just shown. In this way, your Aloe variegata can survive a holiday of several weeks without any problems.

The essentials in brief:

  • very easy to care for
  • needs a lot of light and warmth
  • tolerates drought better than waterlogging
  • pour little
  • fertilize every 2 to 4 weeks from April to September


If your tiger aleo does not bloom, then it may be too young for it, it is too dark or it “misses” the dry and rainy periods of its home.