Jasmin gibt es in unzähligen Arten

Jasmin gibt es in unzähligen Arten

Wann handelt es sich um Echten Jasmin?

Für den Laien ist es nicht einfach, die einzelnen Arten zu unterscheiden. Ein gutes Erkennungsmerkmal ist die Winterhärte. Echter Jasmin ist nicht winterhart, alle anderen nur Jasmin genannten Sorten können den Winter draußen verbringen.

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One clue is the botanical name. If it starts with “Jasminum”, it is real jasmine.

What all real and fake jasmine species have in common is that with proper care they can be perennial and can get quite old if you rejuvenate them from time to time by pruning.

Small lists of well-known varieties

Variety nameFlower colorScent?Climbing plant?Statureparticularities
Jasminum angulareWhitesweetishClimbing shrubup to 700 centimetersred buds
Jasminum grandiflorumWhitestrongly fragrantClimbing plantup to 80 centimetersis used for perfumes
Jasminum mesnyiYellow, half filledhardly fragrantcreeperup to 500 centimetersconditionally frost hardy
Jasminum officinaleWhitestrongly fragrantClimbing plantup to 500 centimetersmust be connected
Jasminum sambacWhitestrongly fragrantstrong tendrilsup to 300 centimetersdoes not need a cold phase
Jasminmum x stephanenseSoft pinkdelicate fragranceis very strongup to 350 centimetersblack shiny berries
Jasminum polyanthumWhitestrongly fragrantbranches stronglyup to 300 centimetersUse for jasmine oil

Almost all types of jasmine are suitable for the room

Almost all real jasmines are suitable for maintenance as houseplant. Most varieties have to be pulled on a trellis. Alternatively, you can plant jasmine in a hanging basket (€ 14.99 at Amazon *) and let the long shoots hang down decoratively.

During the winter season, Real Jasmin has to move from the living room to a cooler place. In its resting phase, the plant should not be warmer than ten degrees, otherwise it will not bloom again.


"Jasmine-flowered nightshade" (Solanum jasminoides), which belongs to the same family as the gentian bush and comes from Brazil, is popular in the bucket. It is also not a hardy climber, but unlike real jasmine, it flowers almost all year round.