How to care for the pink dwarf banana - tips and tricks

How to care for the pink dwarf banana - tips and tricks

The right location for the pink dwarf banana

The home of the pink dwarf banana is in the tropics. So it's no wonder that this plant needs a lot of warmth and high humidity in order to thrive and produce a bountiful harvest. A sunny to partially shaded location is well suited for this non-hardy plant. But it should definitely be protected from the wind.

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Plant the pink dwarf banana correctly

The pink dwarf banana is well suited for planting in a tub, so it can easily be moved to a suitable winter quarter. If you add some gravel or coarse-grained sand to soil rich in humus, the soil becomes loose and permeable.

Water and fertilize the pink dwarf banana properly

Always keep the soil around your pink dwarf banana evenly moist, but not wet. Otherwise the fleshy roots start to rot easily. From April to September give your dwarf banana some liquid complete fertilizer together with the irrigation water every week. Regular spraying of the plant with water that is as low in lime as possible is recommended so that the humidity is sufficiently high.

The pink dwarf banana in winter

The ideal temperature for wintering a dwarf banana is just over 10 ° C. If your banana sheds its leaves in winter, keep the soil slightly moist. The plant may sprout again in spring.

A place right next to the heater is extremely unsuitable for the dwarf banana, even if it actually likes the heat. The low humidity easily leads to an infestation with spider mites.

The essentials in brief:

  • somewhat demanding in terms of care
  • not hardy
  • Location: partially shaded to sunny, but no direct sun, absolutely protected from wind and drafts
  • Earth: nutrient-rich, loose and permeable
  • watering: keep the soil evenly moist, but not wet
  • high humidity
  • fertilize: give full fertilizer once a week


If the pink dwarf banana is too dry, it can easily suffer from spider mites. Spraying lime-free water is an effective remedy.