Natural stone transforms the garden into an oasis of wellbeing - this is how it works

Natural stone transforms the garden into an oasis of wellbeing - this is how it works

Beautiful natural stones for the terrace, seating area and garden paths

The terrace and seating area with a natural stone covering invite you to linger and relax. Garden paths made of natural stone slabs or paving meander through the garden, they give the appearance a natural structure. Anyone who is afraid of having to dig deep into their pockets for natural stones in the garden will be taught better here. There is the right stone for every budget:

  • Sandstone: from 37 euros (40x40x2.5cm) to 46 euros (60x40x4cm) per square meter
  • Travertine: from 35 euros (20x20x3cm) to 60 euros (60x40x3cm) per square meter
  • Granite: from 31 euros (40x40x3cm) to 100 euros (100x100x4cm) per square meter
  • Basalt: from 58 euros (40x60x3cm) to 160 euros (100x100x3cm) per square meter

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With polygonal plates you can create the most natural form of garden design with natural stone. These panels retain their original shape with numerous corners and edges. The natural stone slabs are very popular as stepping stones laid separately in the cottage garden or Japanese garden. Since these stones do not have to be laboriously processed, they are cheaper in price.

Walls made of natural stone - charisma in stone

Garden walls made of natural stone relegate sober concrete walls to the squares. In the small and large gardens, natural stone walls are an asset to the imaginative garden design. The following ideas may serve as inspiration:

  • Sandstone or limestone dry stone wall
  • Screen wall made of gabions, filled with glacial gravel, rose quartz or alpine stones
  • Garden wall as a room divider, slope support or enclosure
  • Palisades made of sandstone or granite as a frame for the elegant raised bed
  • Lawn edges and beds made of basalt, slate or sandstone

If your garden is on a slope, compensate for the differences in height with natural stone steps. If you match the selected type of stone to the retaining wall, a functional and elegant appearance is created.


Erratic boulders are the top topic for authentic garden design in the heather garden, Japanese garden and rock garden. By choosing a local type of natural stone, you demonstrate that you are connected to your homeland. You can create an impeccable appearance with boulders that are one-third or half-way into the earth.