Watering flowers according to the lunar calendar

Watering flowers according to the lunar calendar

How is a lunar calendar used?

According to the lunar calendar, there are certain days when plants are particularly thirsty and when they absorb water very well. At other times, however, reaching for the watering can does more harm to them.

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In the lunar calendar, these phases are identified by clear symbols, which are often supplemented by brief explanations. So you can see at a glance when you should water the plants and when it is better to forego this maintenance measure.

Watering and watering, supported by the moon

The following tips apply to both garden and house plants, because the latter also benefit from being supplied with water mainly on days when the moon is favorable.

Day according to the lunar calendarZodiac signsExplanation
Air dayGemini, Aquarius, LibraWatering on these is not good for the plants.
Water dayCancer, Pisces, ScorpioAffect the growth of the plants. That is why they are called leaf days. On these days you should preferably use the watering can.

Does the position of the moon also play a role?

In addition to the position of the moon in the zodiac signs, the moon phase is taken into account when casting according to the lunar calendar.

Of the:

  • Full moon,
  • waning moon,
  • New moon,
  • waxing moon

Goes through all twelve signs in a period of four weeks and stays in the same constellation for a little over two days. In order to wander from one watermark to the next, our cosmic companion needs about eight days.

  • The * rising moon *, which stands for a new beginning and good growth, passes through the zodiac signs Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus.
  • The * descending moon * wanders through the signs Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. It stands for the ripening of the fruits and their harvest.

The best time to water the plants on a water day in the rising moon, when the satellite reaches the zodiac sign Pisces. At this point in time, the plants can store moisture particularly well and take full advantage of this care measure.

The descending moon in Cancer or Scorpio is also a water day. At this point, the moon keeps water in the ground, so that the root area is well supplied.

Can thirsty plants only be watered on the days specified in the lunar calendar?

Gardeners who work in harmony with the moon assert that it is completely sufficient to water the plants only on water days. You then simply water several times a day or immerse potted plants in a container filled with liquid until no more air bubbles rise.

However, that does not mean that you only have to reach for the watering can then. Especially on hot summer days, some plants need additional watering between the times listed in the lunar calendar.


You should slowly get your plants used to the new watering rhythm and not suddenly only water on the appropriate days. In particular, plants that are very sensitive to waterlogging and at the same time do not tolerate drought could suffer from the greatly changed water supply.