Creatively beautify a tree stump optically

Creatively beautify a tree stump optically

How to beautify a tree stump

A tree stump can be integrated very well into any garden. There are many decorative and useful ideas for garden design with which you can creatively decorate the remaining tree trunk or embellish it with plants. For example, you can:

  • plant
  • decorate with potted plants
  • use as an art object
  • Manufacture garden table
  • Construct playground equipment

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Plant a tree stump or let it grow

You can plant flowers on a tree stump if you hollow it out a little. For greening, plant climbing plants such as ivy, clematis, Jelängerjelieber, nasturtiums or morning glories around the trunk.

Set up potted plants

A container plant can be placed very well on larger tree grates. However, the pot should be fastened with screws so that the bucket cannot fall down in the wind.

Use a tree stump as an art object

If you are skilled with the electric saw yourself, you can get creative and make a pretty animal or a totem pole out of the tree stump. Less artistically gifted people can find experienced artists on the Internet or in the neighborhood who can create real works of art out of the tree trunk.

It is also very decorative if you decorate the tree stump with small figures made of stone, wood or iron. If you have several tree stumps in the garden, you can even assemble an entire art collection.

Make a garden table or play equipment

You screw a round plate onto the smooth tree stump and you have a rustic garden table.

Tree stumps can also be used as play equipment. For example, you can stretch a rope to build training equipment for little tightrope walkers. Make sure, however, that the devices are secure so that nobody is injured when using them.


The easiest way to get rid of a tree root is to let it die off. This takes many years, but it is the best solution for the garden. By decomposing the wood, the garden soil is enriched with nutrients.