Dog rose, rose hip, ... - a plant with many names

Dog rose, rose hip, ... - a plant with many names

Time for clarification

Whether rose hip, dog rose, wild rose or dog rose - there are many names that refer to one and the same plant. Maybe it's easier to say: Rosa canina. This is the botanical name for this plant.

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It is a wild plant that, like many (cultivated) roses that you may have in your garden and that are known as noble, bed, shrub, climbing or ground cover roses, produces the distinctive rose hips as fruits .

These characteristics make the dog rose

The dog rose is a shrub that grows up to 5 m high. As a wood, it is extremely richly branched and dense in its structure. Its hook-shaped spines, which are attached around its branches and twigs, make it an impenetrable thicket.

Their leaves are typical of roses. They arrange themselves alternately, are pinnate, medium green and jagged on the edge. In autumn they turn yellowish to brownish, only to be thrown off.

The flower of the dog rose

The dog rose usually blooms in June. Its white to pink flowers gradually open and are open for a few days. They are bowl-shaped, five-fold and hermaphroditic. They give off a typical scent of wild roses.

It's time for her generous gift - rose hips

In late summer, the rose hip fruits appear:

  • remain in place until February
  • are orange-red to red in color and shiny
  • are oval to round in shape
  • are rich in vitamins and healthy
  • Harvest from October

Recommended for the garden?

Yes, because the dog rose can act as a privacy screen and wind protection. It spreads over runners and forms impenetrable thickets. It is ideal for delimiting properties, as a hedge and for planting slopes and embankments. It also offers birds a good place to hide and breed. As a wild wood, its need for care is extremely low.


The dog rose prefers to grow in a deep loam soil in a partially shaded and warm location.