Cutting cypresses into shape - tips for topiary cutting

Cutting cypresses into shape - tips for topiary cutting

Cut cypress trees into specific shapes

If you want to cut into shape a cypress that is already growing in the garden, you need to be patient. It takes at least two years for a round ball to form. The cloud shape is a little faster. In the case of particularly complex shapes, you have to expect that it will take many years for the cypress to achieve the desired shape.

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Of course, you can also choose other shapes. Just make a template that you can cut along. With round shapes, wire meshes that you attach over the treetop are a great way to shape the cypress into the shape you want.

How often do you need to do a topiary?

Carefully prune back older cypress trees. The topiary should be done in several stages so that you don't have to take away too much at once.

The main pruning is done in spring before the cypress shoots. A second shape cut is made after the end of the growth phase in August.

You can remove protruding branches continuously. Be careful not to damage the waste wood when cutting.

Cut cypress as a bonsai

Cypress trees can also be pruned very well as bonsai. The times for the topiary are also in spring and from August.

You can also wire it to get a cypress into the bonsai shape you want. The wires must not be wound too tightly but also not too loosely. They must be removed no later than April so that they do not cut into the branches.

Also, to keep the tree small, you need to trim the roots at regular intervals, whenever you transplant the cypress.


Cypress trees in certain shapes such as spheres, squares or clouds can be bought ready-made from garden shops. You only have to trim these trees regularly so that the topiary is retained.