How to propagate raspberries by cuttings

How to propagate raspberries by cuttings

Why it is safest to propagate using root cuttings

Raspberries form many runners that are also suitable for propagation. However, it is not always certain that the offshoots actually come from the desired plant. Since raspberries send their runners all over the garden, you might catch a completely different variety of raspberry.

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If you use root cuttings, however, you can be sure that you are propagating exactly the raspberry variety you want.

The individual steps for propagating raspberries

  • Expose the root of the raspberry
  • Cut off a larger piece
  • Divide the root into four-inch pieces
  • Plant the root cuttings
  • Protect from frost
  • Put in its final location in spring

The best time to get root cuttings

It is best to prick root cuttings in autumn, when the growing season changes. The root of the mother plant can then recover over the winter.

Divide the root into small pieces

Depending on the size of the cut piece of root, divide it into several pieces. Each section should be about four inches long.

Make sure that there are at least five eyes on each individual root cutting. New rods grow from them. Several approaches increase the certainty that a healthy new plant will be created.

Plant the cuttings about five centimeters deep in prepared soil. They come to their final location in spring.

Provide winter protection

Raspberries usually don't need winter protection. But root cuttings have not yet formed roots. They can be damaged by frost at very low temperatures.

Therefore, cover the ground with a layer of leaves, straw, peat or bark mulch for protection.

Mark the places where you planted the root cuttings. If you remove the winter protection in spring, you can better see where new plants should be.

Tips & Tricks

In principle, you can of course also propagate raspberries from seeds. However, the extraction of single-variety seeds is very complex and belongs in the hands of professionals. In addition, this type of propagation takes longer than pulling root cuttings.