Remove bamboo forever

Remove bamboo forever

A bamboo with a rhizome barrier or a clumpy bamboo can be removed much easier. These include the not hardy Fargesia. They form new stalks directly from the root ball and spread only slowly.

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Bamboo without limits

In the wild counterpart - the grove-forming bamboo plants - the rhizomes branch up to 10 meters in all directions and up to 1 meter deep. Rhizomes are thick oval-shaped roots that spread out limitlessly as new root balls with their own shoots. Known as bamboo varieties without limits are for example:

  • Sasa
  • Pleioblastus
  • Phyllostachys

It is better to dig up and remove the mother plant and all rhizomes sooner than too late. They grow through and damage masonry, buildings, sidewalks and streets! Nothing can stop you!

Know-how, manpower and professional tools

Removing an overgrown bamboo takes time and patience. From the right time to the appropriate special tool, including mini excavators, everything needs to be planned and calculated. The garden has to be dug up and rebuilt. In addition, the excavation should be completed in one growth period! The most important tools and materials to remove the bamboo:

  • Lawn mower (optional)
  • Mini excavator (optional)
  • shovel
  • Holstein grave spade for normal work
  • Drainage spade with fiberglass handle for bamboo barrier
  • Dig up digging spade with D-handle for the bamboo
  • Garden sieve
  • Protective clothing and goggles

In general, the bamboo can be destroyed all year round. It is more advantageous in spring when the first green new shoots sprout. Now the bamboo activates its energy reserves for growth. Therefore, a much better time to destroy it successfully than when it is inactive.

Start by removing the outermost bamboo shoots towards the mother plant. First destroy the entire bamboo ring around the outside. So you can limit and control the wild growth on the first day. The closer you get to the mother plant, the firmer and harder the root network. Sieve the excavated earth and dispose of bamboo rhizomes before the earth is backfilled.

Limiting instead of letting them emigrate

The best weapon against proliferation is to isolate: With a special rhizome barrier you can clearly delimit the bamboo location. Then the bamboo will stay fairly safely within its limits and will not undermine your own or neighbour's garden. But check regularly whether the rhizome barrier is tight.

Tips & Tricks

The rhizomes must not be in the compost! A new bamboo can be formed from every separated rhizome or one that has remained in the ground! And the work was in vain!