Growing passion flowers from cuttings - this is how it's done

Growing passion flowers from cuttings - this is how it's done

Propagation of cuttings in passion flowers - instructions

When growing passionflower cuttings, two things are very important: cleanliness and warmth. Use clean and, if possible, disinfected scissors to cut the offshoot, sharp nail scissors are particularly suitable. Cut so that the cut surfaces are as smooth as possible and do not fray, and cut should also be made directly on the stem. Both of these measures prevent mold and other pathogens from gaining access and ruining your efforts. Furthermore, young Passiflora in particular love the warmth, which is why cuttings take root all the better in a warm, perhaps even heated location.

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The step-by-step instructions

  • Select a healthy shoot about 8 inches long.
  • This should not have any brown spots and be free from pests.
  • A side shoot without flower buds is best.
  • Remove all shoots.
  • Cut the shoot into individual cuttings.
  • These should have a maximum of three leaves, with the lower one removed.
  • The interface of the shoot should be as inclined as possible to make it easier for the plant to absorb water.
  • A little tip: The rooting point, ie “below”, is where the stem axis is. Shoot axes are always under a leaf, while the leaves always rotate in the direction of the light.
  • Shorten the leaves by about half.
  • Dip the shoot end in a rooting substrate.
  • Plant the cutting in a peat spring pot or in potting soil.
  • Cactus soil also shows very good results.
  • Keep the substrate evenly moist, but avoid getting wet.

Caring for young plants properly

The ideal location for the young plant is light and warm - for example above a heater on a south-facing window or something similar. To increase the humidity, you can also put a plastic bag with air holes over the cutting. A (heated) indoor greenhouse or a converted aquarium are also ideal. Incidentally, the young plant feels most comfortable at temperatures between 20 and 25 ° C.

Tips & Tricks

As a rule, cut shoots of the Passiflora take root very quickly, only some species are somewhat more demanding. The propagation of cuttings is less common with Passiflora racemosa and P. alata.