This care gives your vanilla orchid floral power

This care gives your vanilla orchid floral power

How should the vanilla orchid be properly watered?

A well-balanced water balance is one of the main pillars in the professional care of vanilla. Since the orchid can store moisture in its strong leaves, it can cope with brief drought much better than waterlogging. How to properly water the magical houseplant:

  • In every season of the year, do not water until the substrate is 2-3 cm deep on the surface
  • Always use lime-free, room-temperature water
  • Spray the leaves several times a week

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Adjust the frequency of watering to the current light and temperature conditions. The vanilla orchid thirsts more often on warm summer days than during the cool, low-light winter time.

Does fertilization count as part of the maintenance program?

In its fleshy leaves, the vanilla orchid not only stores water, but also nutrients. To avoid over-fertilization, please apply special orchid fertilizer in half the concentration. Common flower fertilizers (13.27 € at Amazon *) from the trade contain too high a salt concentration for the sensitive roots. From March to September add the liquid fertilizer to the lime-free irrigation water. Cut off the nutrient intake from October to February.

Do you need to cut back?

Given the leisurely growth, you will be delighted to note every additional centimeter of your vanilla orchid. A first pruning can therefore only be considered after a few years. Easily guide long tendrils up using a suitable climbing aid. If the orchid grows over your head, cut the shoots back to the desired length in early spring.


Does the stress of everyday life bother you? Then cut 5 self-grown vanilla pods on the side and place them in 500 ml of brandy, rum or vodka for 4 weeks. If your stomach rebels the next time, add a few drops of the vanilla extract to tea, fruit juice or mineral water and let yourself be surprised by the positive effects.