Freezing fresh mushrooms - this is how it's done

Freezing fresh mushrooms - this is how it's done

Frozen mushrooms develop a more intense aroma

What is particularly positive about freezing is that mushrooms develop a particularly intense aroma. However, you should only use young, healthy mushrooms for this - the older or already nibbled specimens, on the other hand, you should leave or process them immediately. With many types of mushrooms, drying also ensures that the aroma improves - this also applies to mushrooms. If you want it to be quick, freezing is preferable to drying.

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Can you also freeze mushrooms in the freezer?

A household freezer, in which you can store the mushrooms at at least minus 18 ° C, is suitable for freezing mushrooms. Devices that allow shock freezing are also very suitable. Shock freezing keeps the mushrooms fresh longer. On the other hand, the freezer compartment of the refrigerator is not suitable, as the temperatures required for a longer shelf life cannot be achieved here. But it is possible to keep fresh, raw or prepared mushrooms there for a few days.

Properly prepare mushrooms

Before freezing, however, you should first prepare the mushrooms. This includes thorough cleaning as well as cutting the mushrooms. Since mushrooms (like all mushrooms) absorb water like a sponge, they should not be washed, watered or blanched. The latter saves a lot of space, but results in a serious loss of quality.

Clean and cut the mushrooms

Instead, clean and cut the mushrooms in a way that is gentle on the aroma:

  • Brush off the coarse dirt with a clean round brush or a vegetable brush.
  • Brushes and brushes should be dry and not damp.
  • Now take a dry paper kitchen towel and rub the mushrooms thoroughly.
  • Clean each mushroom one at a time.
  • Gently hold the mushrooms between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Do not press too hard to avoid pressure points.
  • Cut out print and other damaged areas.
  • Cut off the dried-on stem base.

Now the mushrooms can be sliced ​​or cut into large pieces.

Freeze prepared mushrooms

If possible, freeze raw, fresh and young mushrooms. Fill the prepared mushrooms in small quantities in freezer bags or tightly sealed freezer boxes and squeeze out the air. Since freezing should happen as quickly as possible, it is best to set the freezer to the highest setting some time in advance. Ready-made mushroom dishes can also be frozen, but you should cool them down and flash-freeze them as soon as possible after preparation. Since the mushroom protein breaks down very quickly, a mushroom dish must not be left outside for long before it is frozen. So do not freeze leftover mushroom dishes that have been on the table in the warm dining room for some time - this way you can quickly get food poisoning.

How long do frozen mushrooms keep

Fresh mushrooms, frozen raw, can be kept for six to ten months at minus 18 ° C. On the other hand, already prepared mushroom dishes should be taken out and eaten after three months at the latest.

Properly prepare frozen mushrooms

Frozen mushrooms must not be thawed, but should be used immediately in the frozen state. It is important that the outer pores close quickly due to the heat, otherwise the mushrooms will become limp and get a soft consistency. It is therefore best to put them in hot fat or in a hot broth straight away. Once thawed and warmed up, mushrooms or mushroom dishes must not be frozen again.


Many dishes can be refined with a homemade, aromatic mushroom oil. You can make this pure (for example from mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, etc.) or from mixed mushrooms. Do not use fresh mushrooms for this, only dried ones.

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