Do not sow thyme directly

Do not sow thyme directly

Thyme is a light germ

The seeds of the thyme are extremely fine - a single gram of thyme seeds contains around 4,000 grains. Such fine seeds should not be planted directly in the bed, but rather grown in small pots or seed trays. This is also advisable because the grains only germinate from around 15 ° C - a temperature that is rarely reached between March and May in many areas of Germany. Furthermore, thyme is a typical light germ, ie the seeds must not be covered with earth, or only covered extremely thinly.

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Sowing thyme

To grow the small thyme plants, you can proceed as follows:

  • Fill a shallow seed tray or small potty with a mixture of potting soil and sand.
  • Lightly moisten the substrate with the help of a spray bottle.
  • Now scatter the seeds as evenly as possible.
  • Press the seeds lightly.
  • Cover the bowl or pot with cling film (secure with a rubber band).
  • Place the growing potty on a light window sill.
  • Keep the substrate evenly moist.
  • Be careful not to wash away the seeds.

Alternatively, from April / May, you can also cultivate in the cold frame - i.e. under glass

Prick out and plant out young plants

The thyme seeds will germinate fairly quickly within a maximum of two weeks. The young plants can be pricked out after four to five weeks. To do this, plant several plants (maximum three to four) in a larger pot. After a further four weeks, the now larger plants are allowed to move into the bed - provided that night frosts are no longer expected. Ergo, the planting in the garden can take place from mid to late May, provided you have already moved in March. Plant the young thyme about 25 x 25 centimeters apart.

Tips & Tricks

When planting the thyme, make sure that the top edge of the ball is roughly at the same height as the top edge of the bed - especially thyme planted too deeply can die. This planting advice also applies to purchased thyme plants.