Grow melons and harvest them from your own garden?

Grow melons and harvest them from your own garden?

The selection of suitable varieties

When choosing the right melon varieties for growing in the garden, you should not only consider personal taste, but also the amount of sunlight and the space available at the planned location. Large varieties of watermelon such as Crimson Sweet need a lot of space for their long tendrils and the fruits lying on the ground. Smaller watermelons such as the Sugar Baby and sugar melons from the Galia or the Charentais also bear fruit on climbing tendrils and are therefore ideal for growing in a greenhouse.

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The extraction of the seeds

In principle, the seeds for growing melons can not only be bought in well-stocked specialist shops for seeds, but can also be obtained from fruits that you have grown yourself or bought in the supermarket. While the selection of the seeds for home cultivation avoids hybrid varieties with a poor possibility of further propagation, you usually have to rely on luck with purchased fruits. First remove any adhering pulp before gently drying the melon seeds and storing them in an airy place. These can easily mold and lose their ability to germinate.

Grow melons and plant them out

In order to achieve good breeding results with your melons year after year, you should only take seeds from the fruits that meet your requirements for breeding. In this way you can grow varieties with fewer seeds or plants with particularly vigorous growth step by step. So that the melons in this country are really ripe in the garden or in the greenhouse, you should put them on the windowsill from April. Please note the following tips:

  • Use of rotable plant pots to protect the melon roots
  • the young plants slowly get used to direct sunlight
  • Plant the young plants only when the nights are frost-free

Tips & Tricks

The young plants of the various melon species are a real delicacy for snails, so ensure adequate protection from snails after planting them out.