Freezing pointed cabbage - instructions and tips

Freezing pointed cabbage - instructions and tips

Freezing pointed cabbage - this is how it works

You can freeze pointed cabbage in two ways:

  • raw
  • blanched

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Freeze pointed cabbage raw

In principle, it is possible to freeze pointed cabbage raw. However, the vegetables lose more vitamins than in the prepared (blanched) state. In addition, raw, frozen pointed cabbage tends to get mushy within a short time when thawed. We therefore recommend that you blanch the healthy vegetables first and then freeze them.

Freeze blanched pointed cabbage

  1. Remove the outer leaves from the pointed cabbage and set them aside for the time being.
  2. Use a sharp knife to cut the pointed cabbage into four parts (first cut in half, then divide the two halves again).
  3. Remove the stalk - again with a sharp knife.
  4. Cut the cabbage pieces into cubes or strips.
  5. Bring salted water to a boil.
  6. Transfer the cabbage cubes or strips to the boiling water.
  7. Reduce the heat so much that the salt water just simmered.
  8. Let the cabbage cubes or strips soak in it for about two minutes.
  9. Pour off the cabbage pieces using a sieve.
  10. Quench the pieces evenly with ice water.
  11. Let the cabbage cubes or strips drain well. A salad spinner speeds up the process. Otherwise, place the pieces on kitchen paper and pat them gently until they feel completely dry.
  12. Put the cabbage in portions in freezer bags or sealable cans that are suitable for the freezer. With the freezer bags you have to pull out the air with your mouth or (simpler) a vacuum sealer before sealing.
  13. Label the containers with the current date to keep track of the storage time.
  14. Put the bags or cans in the freezer.

Important tips:

  • Make sure the cabbage cubes or strips are really dry before freezing. They have no place in the freezer when they are wet or damp. They would only become bad - and thus useless.
  • Always fill the containers with smaller portions to give each piece of cabbage enough space.
  • The pointed cabbage can be kept in the freezer for about eight months.

Extra: This is how you can use the outer leaves

The outer leaves put aside can be mashed into a smoothie or used for a potato dish. Alternatively, there is the option of freezing these parts as well - as follows:

  1. Carefully brush the outer leaves.
  2. Put the leaves in hot, lightly salted water.
  3. Turn the hob on a lower setting (water should only bubble slightly).
  4. Blanch the outer leaves for about a minute.
  5. Pour and rinse the leaves briefly with cool water from the tap.
  6. Proceed with drying and portioning as with the other pointed cabbage parts.
  7. Put the bags or cans in the freezer.

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