How can I prevent weeds from growing to the neighbors?

How can I prevent weeds from growing to the neighbors?

Can wild herbs grow on the neighboring property?

You are not obliged to remove weeds and the flight of wild herb seeds must be tolerated by your neighbor. Nonetheless, the plants must not grow uncontrollably over the neighboring property. You should also not allow wild plants to sprout through the fence, especially since these can be affected by the wild growth.

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Effective measure: a rhizome barrier

You can get rhizome barriers in gardening shops by the meter in different thicknesses. As a rule, a root barrier with a thickness of 2 millimeters is sufficient, which can also keep overgrown root weeds in check.

How is the barrier buried?

  • First remove all weeds growing on the fence and weed them mechanically.
  • Dig a trench. It should be deep enough that the top edge of the root barrier reaches the fence edge.
  • Insert the barrier at a slight angle and fill it with the excavated topsoil.

Cover the fence

So that the weeds no longer grow through the fence, you can provide this with a fence panel. Depending on the design, shading nets can be attached easily and stably with net ties, eyelets or foil screws.

If you combine the rhizome barrier with the shading net, the weeds can hardly grow over to the neighbors or from the neighboring property to you. However, it is advisable to coordinate this measure with the neighborhood, since depending on the height of the network, shadows that are not always desired may be cast.


A thick layer of mulch along the garden fence also prevents weeds from growing through the fence. Natural materials such as bark mulch or grass clippings are suitable. Weed seeds cannot sprout in the mulched areas either, as these, like all plants, need light to germinate.