Yarrow in the lawn - means of control

Yarrow in the lawn - means of control

Weigh the pros and cons of yarrow

Many hobby gardeners would like to maintain their own garden as perfectly as a golf lawn in order to meet aesthetic requirements. Scafgarben, similar to dandelions, occurs quite frequently on fertilized lawns, as they depend on a permeable subsoil and a relatively good supply of nutrients. The yarrow is a very useful medicinal plant, which has been specifically cultivated and harvested in monastery gardens for centuries due to the essential oils it contains. If you have pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs, the leaves and flowers of the yarrow are an interesting and healthy food supplement for these animals. Last but not least, the edible yarrow from an unfertilized natural grass can also be used in the kitchen.

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Combat the yarrow chemically

If you absolutely want to eradicate the yarrow from the lawn, the specialist trade offers various means for this. However, active ingredients must be selected that do not attack the lawn itself. Mostly these are substances that act as growth accelerators on the lawn and at the same time “starve” the yarrow. Please note that after using these chemical weed killers, do not step on the lawn for a while and that the first lawn cut should be composted on a stele inaccessible to children.

Use gentle means to counteract the yarrow

As a rule, the yarrow can only settle where there are already bald spots in the lawn. Therefore, always keep an eye out for bare spots and green them as quickly as possible with lawn seeds. The following factors are also helpful:

  • Use dense sports turf
  • mow the lawn frequently so that it grows densely
  • Mow the lawn as deeply as possible so that the yarrow cannot sow

In order to prevent the yarrow from blooming in the lawn, it must be mowed below the height of 8 centimeters.


The yarrow is a valuable plant with a sweet smell of the delicate flowers. This makes it more of an asset than a real disruptive factor in the lawn.