Tips for Cutting Hebe Green Globe

Tips for Cutting Hebe Green Globe

Hebe Green Globe tolerates cutting very well

Hebe Green Globe is very easy to cut. She is forgiving of almost any pruning, as long as you don't overdo it.

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The evergreen perennial is often cut into a spherical shape, as can be seen from the name Globe.

When is the best time to cut back Green Globe?

The best time to prune Green Globe more heavily is in spring, just before flowering. After flowering, which is hardly noticeable, you shouldn't prune Hebe Green Globe back so much. Then the shrub veronica survives the winter in the garden better.

Pull the Hebe Green Globe in the planter and carefully cut it back again in autumn.

You can remove smaller twigs that have dried out or disturb the overall picture at any time.

How to get the Hebe Green Globe into shape

A small shrub veronica perennial can be cut into shape quite easily. For larger specimens, make a template or get it from a garden center.

Start the topiary in the spring. Cut back the individual shoots by a maximum of a third. Then the perennial recovers faster.

During the summer, remove any smaller twigs that have grown out of the sphere. In autumn it is time for one last, careful pruning.

Use cuttings in the spring for propagation

If your Hebe Green Globe has survived the winter, you can start having offspring in spring. All you need for this is small shoots that you cut off anyway.

The cuttings should be at least two inches long.

  • Prepare cultivation pots (€ 14.90 at Amazon *)
  • Remove leaves at the bottom
  • Put the cutting into the substrate
  • Keep the substrate moist but not wet
  • Place the pot warm and bright
  • Cover with a plastic bag if necessary


Even if it is often read differently: Hebe Green Globe is not hardy. Just a few days with temperatures below minus five degrees can freeze the perennial.