How to cut the high trunk of your medallion loquat

How to cut the high trunk of your medallion loquat

The perfect time

Basically, you should cut the high stem after flowering by October at the latest. A later cut carries the risk of frost damaging the fresh cuts. Pruning measures in spring endanger the development of flowers, because the plant only develops its flower buds in autumn.

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Select an overcast and dry day for the maintenance measure. In rainy weather, there is a risk that moisture will penetrate the wood and damage the shoot. Too sunny weather increases evaporation and the plant quickly gets into stressful situations. If the shrub sprouts too much during the year, you can trim these shoots at any time. Cut the branches back to the next bud.


The vigor of many medlars ensures that the aesthetic shape is quickly lost. The shrubs tend to be bushy. Preserve the grown crown with a topiary. Remove all drooping and protruding branches that would destroy the spherical shape of the crown. Bald branches are cut off directly at the trunk.

Pay attention to whether the plant has already developed flower buds on the branches. These should not be completely removed, otherwise the shrub will no longer bloom profusely. Cut off shoots that grow from the main stem near the ground.

Tips for correct cutting

Use sharp garden shears or loppers to make the cut. Disinfect the blade beforehand with spirit, alcohol or tea tree oil. Alternatively, boiling water can be used to remove viruses, bacteria and fungal spores from the blade. When pruning, pay attention to the thorns that many varieties develop on the branches.

So you are perfectly equipped:

  • cut older branches with pruning shears
  • Shorten young shoots with rose scissors
  • Wear gloves and long clothes

When pruning, make sure that the branches do not tear. Cuts are entry points for pathogens. If larger cuts have occurred, you can cover them with a wound closure agent. Commercially available agents also have a disinfectant effect. They kill pathogens and fungi.