How to multiply the chicory with seeds - tips for harvest and sowing

How to multiply the chicory with seeds - tips for harvest and sowing

Picking seeds with sensitivity - this is how it works

At the end of the flowering period, the pretty, blue flowers transform into 2-3 mm small seed heads. If these have turned brown and have dried, they are harvested in good time before the mother plant distributes the seeds in the garden. The seeds are in the flower base.

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To get to the seeds, pluck the dried flower parts off. A honeycomb-shaped structure appears underneath, which is composed of the seeds. If this structure is rubbed between your fingers, you are holding tiny, slightly angular seeds in your hands. Until next May, keep the seeds dry, dark and airtight.

Sow chicory directly into the bed - How to do it right

The best time to sow chicory seeds begins in mid-May. To do this, prepare a fine-crumbly seeding surface in the sunny, warm location. How to properly apply the seeds:

  • Make 3 cm deep furrows with a stick at a distance of 30-40 cm
  • Scatter the seeds in it, seal the furrows and pour a fine effervescent solution on
  • Protect the bed from birds and snails with a close-meshed net

From a height of 5-6 cm, the seedlings are separated at a distance of 10 cm. As a result, keep the soil constantly slightly moist and pluck the weeds daily. In the year of sowing, the chicory only develops a rosette of leaves. In the following year, the longed-for inflorescence rises from June to October.


In 2009 the Loki Schmidt Foundation named the common chicory flower of the year. With this action, attention was specifically drawn to the threatened habitat of the blue natural beauty. By propagating the flower in your garden, you are making an important contribution to its preservation. The valuable wildflowers should not be taken from the wild.