Care of the Bornholm marguerite: do not neglect!

Care of the Bornholm marguerite: do not neglect!

When and how do you clean the Bornholm marguerite?

During the flowering period, which can last from May to September depending on the variety, the old flowers should be removed regularly. To do this, look at the plant every few days and use secateurs to cut away the withered flowers! As a result, new flower buds will develop by autumn.

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What is important when pouring?

Correct watering is crucial when handling the Bornholm marguerite. You should consider the following:

  • rather keep it drier than too moist
  • water heavily in summer
  • keep evenly moist
  • Throw away the water in the coaster
  • Use lime-free water
  • Avoid getting wet
  • do not let it dry out

How do you fertilize the Bornholm marguerite?

When planting, you should add fertilizers such as guano (10.44 € at Amazon *) or compost to the potting soil. This stimulates the growth of this perennial. In a pot culture, it is advisable to fertilize the plant every 1 to 2 weeks. Conventional liquid fertilizers for flowers are suitable for this. Long-term fertilizers also prove to be suitable. It is fertilized by August at the latest. Then the perennial takes a dormant phase.

Will this daisy survive the winter?

The Bornholm marguerite is not hardy in this country. Either you dispose of them in autumn and re-sow them in spring or you overwinter them and grow a perennial perennial.

A light and moderately warm (5 to 15 ° C) place in the house is required for wintering. The plant cannot be overwintered outside. As a minimum it can withstand temperatures of -5 ° C for a short time. Everything below that she lets go. Choose a room at 5 to 15 ° C in the house

When do you cut the crop?

In addition to cleaning out in summer, you should cut back the plants in autumn - provided you want to overwinter them indoors. Otherwise, you can just rip it out of the ground and compost it.


If you decide to hibernate, you should not fertilize the plant in winter and only water sparingly.