What should I do with my faded lady's slipper?

What should I do with my faded lady's slipper?

Can a lady's slipper bloom again?

A lady's slipper can bloom several times. However, some species only bloom from new fresh shoots. Other species need a cold stimulus to form new buds. A temperature drop by a few degrees Celsius overnight usually helps here. Often this is only necessary in winter. Before you test this measure, make sure that your lady's slipper benefits from it at all.

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Does faded lady's slipper need special care?

A lady's slipper is not to be regarded as easy to care for. But even with the best care, it will take some time for the plant to bloom again. Make sure that the substrate never dries out completely, but at the same time avoid waterlogging. The delicate roots start to rot easily.

Experienced orchid keepers dip their plants instead of watering them. However, the leaves should remain dry. The accumulation of water in the leaf axils promotes fungal infestation and rot. A few minutes of immersion are sufficient for a few days. Fertilize your lady's slipper all year round, but less in winter than in summer.

The best time to repot your lady's slipper is right after flowering. Compacted substrate should definitely be replaced. When repotting, cut off damaged root parts and carefully fill in fresh substrate into all spaces.

If your lady's slipper doesn't bloom again after a long time, there are a few things you should check. Do the lighting conditions and temperatures really meet the needs of your plant? If not, adjust the environment accordingly.

Tips to improve the flowering pleasure:

  • it's better to dive instead of water
  • Do not let the substrate dry out
  • Avoid waterlogging
  • Fertilize all year round, but a little less in winter
  • Appropriate environment: temperature, lighting conditions, possibly resting phase
  • high humidity


In order to successfully stimulate a lady's slipper to flower, you need to know which species it belongs to and then create the appropriate conditions.