This makes your row house front yard unique - ideas for more individuality

This makes your row house front yard unique - ideas for more individuality

Detailed planning sets the course

The smaller the area, the more sophisticated the skilful front garden design turns out to be. So that you do not miss out on any advantageous options, create a true-to-scale sketch with the following components:

  • Paths and position of the beds
  • Parking spaces for garbage cans, mailboxes, bicycles and a seat
  • Type and extent of the enclosure

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Make a decision about the preferred garden style during the planning phase, which ideally harmonizes with the architectural style of the house. Since the materials for paths, paved areas and demarcation represent the highest cost items, a decision should also be made about this. Include a narrow privacy screen for the less decorative garbage cans.

How to create optical depth with an unmistakable look - tips & tricks

Experience has shown that space in front of the terraced house is in short supply. With simple tricks you can simulate a spatial depth that makes the smallest front yard appear much larger. We looked over the shoulder of the high priests in front garden design and put together the following tips and tricks for you:

  • Create the entrance of the front garden at a slight offset to the front door, which creates a curved path
  • Maximum waist-high demarcation as a fence or hedge to provide friendly views
  • Optionally, head-high ornamental grasses can be placed in the second row as filigree privacy screens
  • Plants with dark leaves and flowers as a backdrop behind perennials with light foliage and pastel-colored flowers

Spacious, majestic plants are out of place in front of the row house. The focus is on perennials, flowers, grasses and trees that remain small. If you include the facade in the front garden design, the frame will automatically enlarge. Flowering climbing plants such as clematis, rambler roses or black-eyed Susanne give your terraced house an unmistakable face.


The modern row house is the perfect backdrop for the front garden design based on the Japanese model. The elements used here are limited to moss, stones, gravel, woody plants and Asian accessories, which gives plenty of scope for creative and individual ideas. An authentic Zen garden is explicitly achieved regardless of the size of the available space.