Why does the Strelizia get curled leaves?

Why does the Strelizia get curled leaves?

Cause: disturbed water balance

The most common cause is a disturbed water balance. The main focus is on drought. Strelizi need a lot of water because they evaporate a lot of it through their large leaves. They must therefore be watered regularly, preferably with water that is low in lime. If the soil is very dry, an immersion bath can help.

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Even if the air is too dry, the leaves can become curled. This happens quickly, especially in winter. The running heating reduces the humidity in the room. The Strelizie suffers from it.

More rarely, moisture in the root area leads to leaves curling up. If the soil is too wet, you should stop watering immediately and best place the Strelizie out in the partial shade or the sun, where the excess water evaporates quickly. If there is already a foul smell from the earth, the root rot has already struck ...

Cause: parasitic infestation

Furthermore, an infestation with pests leads to rolled up leaves in the long run. Scale insects are more common in Strelizia. But spider mites can also clog them and cause the leaves to curl up and turn brown. Check the plant regularly for pests! They prefer to sit on the underside of the leaves.

Cause: drafts and a wrong location

On top of that, a too drafty and warm location can be the cause. If it is too warm, the Strelizia rolls up its leaves to reduce its evaporation surface. At the same time, it protects itself from strong sunlight. At night the leaves roll up again.

What can you do now?

Quick action (depending on the cause) is called for before the leaves turn brown and dry up:

  • Strengthen / restrict pouring
  • repot
  • out of the sun and in partial shade
  • Regularly ventilate rooms
  • Fight pests


If the rolled-up leaves only appear on the parrot flower during the day, this is usually due to a location that is too sunny and too much heat.