It is not easy to dispose of tree roots properly

It is not easy to dispose of tree roots properly

Obtain a tree felling permit

You are not allowed to fell every tree in your garden simply because it is in your way. Many municipalities have precise regulations regarding the size of trees that can be disposed of. Find out in advance whether you need a permit to cut down the tree in the way, and obtain it beforehand.

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If the tree is in a place where it endangers buildings or roads, the permit is usually granted, sometimes with the condition that a tree be replanted elsewhere.

If you saw the tree down without a permit, you will face a fine.

Dispose of tree roots yourself or hire a specialist?

You can safely fell a small tree with a small tree diameter by yourself. The tree roots are then not yet so spread out that you need machines such as milling machines or cables to remove them.

With larger and taller trees, you should consider hiring a specialist company to dig up and dispose of the tree roots, trunks and branches. Although this costs a little money, on the other hand, the specialist may save you major damage to buildings and in the garden itself.

Take care of the disposal yourself, pay attention to safety. For example, motorized milling machines may only be operated by people who are familiar with their handling.

Leave the tree stump or not?

If there is no avoiding cutting down a tree, consider whether the entire tree, including the roots, should disappear from the garden, or whether you should leave the stump. This can often be integrated very well in the garden and becomes a decorative focal point, for example as a

  • Bird bath
  • Table base
  • Carving
  • Parking space for hanging baskets

If the stump remains standing, the effort is much less because you don't have to dig it up or hire a company to dispose of it.

What to do with the root remains?

It is not that easy to dispose of large amounts of tree roots. In many cities, they are not classified as green waste and are not accepted by municipal garbage collectors.

If you have commissioned a specialist company to dispose of the tree and its roots, you do not have to worry. Specialist companies take over the removal of the tree remains.

If you want to dispose of the tree yourself, you are often the only option not only to dig up the roots by hand, but also to saw and chop them into small pieces. Whether the effort is worth it remains to be seen.


If you let the tree stump die in the ground, you not only save yourself a lot of work. At the same time you are doing something to protect the environment. The decomposing root wood provides food and shelter for numerous useful microorganisms.

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