Cranberries are extremely undemanding plants

Cranberries are extremely undemanding plants

Which location do cranberries prefer?

Like almost all fruit trees, the cranberry needs a location that is as sunny as possible. As a rule of thumb, the sunnier the plant, the more fruits it will produce.

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What should the soil be like?

The soil should be as moist, humus-rich and acidic as possible - after all, it is a heather plant. If the soil in your garden does not meet these requirements, you can remedy this by adding plenty of rhododendron soil. However, the soil should not be too rich in nutrients, as the cranberry will otherwise develop no or only a few flowers and therefore no fruit. The cranberry doesn't like calcareous soils either. A peaty soil is best, on which not much else will grow.

How and when is the best way to plant cranberries?

Planting time is from March to May and from September to the beginning of October. A thorough digging before planting is not necessary. It is enough if you loosen the soil a little and mix in ripe compost. Dig generously sized planting holes and place the plants in them. The root ball should be covered with soil. Before planting, you should remove damaged roots with a sharp knife.

What is the ideal distance between individual plants?

The cranberry is a ground-covering creeper. So you should plant a maximum of six plants per square meter. The individual plants need a distance of about half a meter from one another.

Flowering time / harvest time

The pinkish-white flowers appear from May to August. Like the berries, they are sensitive to frost. The berries can be harvested from October. Fully ripe berries have a red skin and consistently red pulp.

Can i propagate cranberries?

Yes, cranberries can be propagated relatively easily using cuttings. To do this, plant annual or perennial shoots in a five to eight centimeter deep planting hole and water it thoroughly. The first roots should form within a few weeks.

Good and bad neighbors

Cranberries harmonize wonderfully with rhododendron bushes and blueberries, which have similar demands on soil quality and water requirements. These plant partners also protect the shrub from cold and dehydration. Cranberries are quite sensitive to frost and therefore require appropriate protection.

Tips & Tricks

Cover the ground around the cranberry bushes with a thick layer of bark mulch, especially in winter. On the one hand you protect the roots from frost and cold, on the other hand you ensure that the soil does not dry out.