Creating a bed on the terrace - tips and tricks

Creating a bed on the terrace - tips and tricks

Is there an alternative to the classic bed?

If you would like to have flowers or green plants on your terrace, but there is not enough space for a classic bed, then set up a few container plants. These have the advantage that they can be brought into the house for the winter. This makes it possible to select plants that are sensitive to frost. In addition, your terrace can easily be redesigned at any time.

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Do I have to pay attention to anything when planting the terrace?

When planting your terrace, you have a free choice in terms of design. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind so that you can enjoy your new patio bed for a long time. If your terrace is higher than the rest of the garden, it may be advisable to create a hanging bed. If a small terrace is bordered with large plants, it could appear quite cramped. On the other hand, tall plants offer good privacy.

Which plants are suitable for terrace planting?

Orientation is important for planting your terrace. If it is on the south side of the house, choose plants that can withstand a lot of sun. Here you can create a Mediterranean bed with lavender, steppe sage, Portuguese laurel cherries and rose hawk. Boxwood, for example, is suitable as a border.

On the east or west side, perennials are better suited for partial shade. Here you can plant violets, bleeding hearts, saxifrage or hostas, for example. Many grasses also like to grow in partially shaded areas.

Step by step to the perfect terrace planting:

  • In which direction is the terrace?
  • How much light is there?
  • Is the place sheltered from the wind?
  • Are the terrace and garden on the same level?
  • Would you like to create a bed or plant potted plants?
  • Do you prefer green plants or do you want plants in bloom?
  • Should the plants serve as a privacy screen?


The smaller the terrace, the lower the plants should be, otherwise the space will appear even smaller.