Autumn anemones - the right location for abundant flowering

Autumn anemones - the right location for abundant flowering

The right location for the autumn anemone.

  • Sunny to partial shade
  • Under translucent bushes
  • Never plant under conifers
  • Sheltered from the wind
  • Permeable soil
  • Slightly acidic substrate

Autumn anemones are also called anemones. Still, they don't like cold winds at all. Protect the tender perennials by providing shelter from the wind or planting them in front of a wall.

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The soil should be well drained and rich in nutrients. It should be carefully chopped regularly so that the surface remains weed-free and does not become too compact. When chopping, be careful not to damage the roots and especially the small runners.

Never plant under conifers

The soil under conifers has a very low pH. By dropping needles, the soil is also acidified. Autumn anemones cannot develop properly.

Maintain autumn anemones in the shrub bed or as a single perennial?

If you want to plant autumn anemones in your perennial bed, you should choose varieties of the Anemone tomentosa. The autumn anemones get along better with half-sided shading.

On the other hand, descendants of the Anemone hupehensis grow better than solitary plants. Plant them in a place where the perennial receives light from all sides. This variety does particularly well on fences.

Tips & Tricks

In order to reach their full height, autumn anemones should stand in one location for at least two years. Only then are they really hardy and no longer need winter protection.