The amaryllis lasts for weeks as a cut flower - tips for care

The amaryllis lasts for weeks as a cut flower - tips for care

How to properly prepare amaryllis cut flowers - this is how it works

They put a knight's star in the mood for a long flowering time in the vase when it is horticulturally assembled. Cutting is not enough on these idiosyncratic cut flowers. How to do it right:

  • Put on gloves to avoid skin contact with the toxic plant sap
  • Cut 4-5 cm from the end of the stem with a sharp, disinfected knife
  • Push a narrow wooden stick or flower wire into the hollow flower stem
  • Wrap the shaft end with raffia tape or scotch tape

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As a cut flower, a knight star tends to split and roll up its stem ends. Although this predisposition does not affect the shelf life, the well-groomed appearance still suffers. So that a stem does not bend over under the heavy weight of its mighty flowers, the rod inside the stem provides the necessary stability.

Set and care for a knight's star as a cut flower - that's how it works

Ordinary tap water turns into an invigorating elixir of life when you add a little nutrient solution for cut flowers. Please use water at room temperature - neither ice cold nor warm. Since a knight star absorbs moisture over its entire stem, fill the vase at least halfway up. We would like to recommend the following care details to you:

  • Place the vase in a bright location with temperatures of 18 to 22 degrees Celsius
  • Replace the flower water as soon as it becomes cloudy
  • Trim the ends of the shaft if they turn light brown

Typically, not all the buds on the knight's star open at the same time. So clean out withered flowers to make room for the stragglers below.


You can conjure up a vertical bouquet of flowers for Advent in next to no time from various long-stemmed knight star varieties. You can create a stylish tone-on-tone blend with the deep red Amaryllis Benfica, the light red Amaryllis Ferrari and the pink Amaryllis Rosalie. A pink silk ribbon holds the stem ends together. Red tulle and a fluorescent cord give the bouquet a noble touch.