Which yucca palm is suitable for the garden?

Which yucca palm is suitable for the garden?

Suitable types of yucca for the garden

The palm lily family is very large and includes around 50 different species and even more subspecies. Many of them are frost-resistant to temperatures of minus 20 ° C and more and are therefore wonderfully suitable for gardening even under Central European conditions. Some of the most beautiful types of yucca for the garden can be found in the following overview:

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Yucca styleCommon nameHabitStaturetolerates frost up to
Yucca filamentosaThreaded palm lilytrunklessup to 0.6 meters (without flower)- 30ºC
Yucca gloriosaCandle palm lilytribeup to three meters- 25ºC
Yucca baccataBlue palm lilytrunkless or short trunkup to a meter- 30ºC
Yucca rostrataBig Bend Yuccatribeup to five meters- 20ºC
Yucca thompsoniana-tribeup to three meters- 20ºC
Yucca glaucaBlue-green palm lilytrunkless or with a short trunkup to 1.5 meters- 35 ° C

Properly caring for yuccas in the garden

Once you have planted the yucca in the garden, it does not require too much maintenance. You should only note the following:

Location and soil

The yucca comes from the south of the USA and grows there increasingly in the arid regions of the deserts and semi-deserts. Therefore, you should treat your palm lily to a sunny, warm and protected location on loose soil rich in nutrients and lime.

Watering and fertilizing

Planted out yuccas usually don't need watering unless the summer is very hot and dry for a long time. The plant generally does not tolerate much moisture, especially waterlogging and an often moist soil. Fertilize the yucca with some compost at the beginning of each growing season. If necessary, you can also lime the plant.

Cutting and propagating

Yuccas are easy to cut and can easily be cut back or divided for propagation. After flowering, you should remove the inflorescences up to three meters high.


In very cold winters, light winter protection, for example in the form of mulch (€ 99.99 at Amazon *) and / or a garden fleece, makes sense. Otherwise, you should protect the plant from excessive moisture.


Even the not winter-hardy room yucca feels very comfortable on the balcony or terrace during the summer months.