Planting spoon stones: instructions and plant selection

Planting spoon stones: instructions and plant selection

Step by step build a slope reinforcement and plant the spoon stones

1. Create the foundation

A “wall” made of spoon stones also needs a foundation so that they don't sag. To do this, dig a trench 80 cm deep and about 20 cm wide and fill it halfway with crushed stone or gravel as a drainage layer. A drainage pipe is laid in the gravel layer on the slope side. The other half of the trench is filled with concrete. A vertical drainage layer should be laid between the spoon stones and the slope so that the water is directed into the ground.

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2. Place spoon stones

After the foundation has dried out, the lowest row of spoon stones is now placed. Be sure to have a level on hand to ensure horizontal alignment.

Then the spoon stones are filled with good garden soil and the area between the spoon stones and the slope is filled with gravel. Then the second row of spoon stones is placed a few centimeters back on the bottom row.

Also, fill this row with good soil and fill in the drainage layer before proceeding to the third row (if necessary).

3. Plant spoon stones

Once all the spoon stones have been set and filled with soil, you can start planting.

The most beautiful plants for the spoon stone planting

Cushion-forming, low plants that can cope with drought and form shallow roots are suitable for planting spoon stones. Here are the top 10 blooming beauties for spoon stones:

SurnameFlower colorLocation
1. Blue pillowsflowers bluish-purpleneeds a lot of sun
2. Rockcresswhite, filigree flowers, evergreenneeds sun
3. Clovesavailable in different colorsfor sunny locations
4. SandwortWhitesunny
5. Cushion bellflowerwhite or bluishsunny locations
6. Carpet hornwortwhite, silvery leavessunny
7. Gold basketgolden yellow flowerssunny
8. Alpine liver balm:pinkneeds sun
9. Blood cranesbillpinksunny, copes with partial shade
10. Carpet gypsophilaWhitesunny

Almost all of the above plants for spoon stones need plenty of sun to thrive. Far fewer plants are possible for spoon stones on the north side, for example:

  • Gold droplets (blooms yellow)
  • Crawling spindle (beautiful leaf color)
  • Mauer-cinnamon-herb (flowers delicate purple)
  • Porcelain flowers (blooms delicate pink)
  • Vinca menor (flowers violet)